Turner 90 Pile Turner Machine (Manual)

     It ensures that the paper pallets with one side being processed in your printing press to be turned to the other side without the need of manpower quickly so that it is ready for the next process.
     You can increase work efficiency by 100% and thus reach a bigger work load throughout the day.
     In addition, it provides great convenience for sorting out the defective papers among the paper pallets that were printed or returned as defective.
     As a machine it is a must to have in your printing press.

Applicable sectors

It must be used in printing press and packaging sectors during the procedures that require front and back printing.

Product Images


  1. Saves time and ensures more work load.
  2. Decreases work force and increases efficiency.
  3. Help you perform smooth and non-stop printing.


  1. It does not cover much space due to its size.
  2. It can be carried with a pallet truck.
  3. Works with hydraulic system.
  4.  When platform operates, it ensures the highest security via chain drive.

Technical Features

  1. Works with 380V/50 hz 1.5 kW 4 A.
  2. Its maximum lifting capacity is 1000 kg.
  3. Maximum paper size is 70 × 100.
  4. Maximum platform opening range is 1355 mm (excluding pallet)
  5. Maximum platform closing range is 420 mm (excluding pallet)
  6. Platform Measurements are 1180 x 720 mm.