Coil Tipper Machine

     It is a machine designed to perform a fast and safe turning operation of materials of various weights such as Block and Coil to 0-90 degrees to 90-0 degrees.
     Various additional apparatus and extra functions can be added according to the need.
     All our products have CE certificate.

Applicable sectors

  1. Steel, Aluminum, Sheet, Paper, Label Coils
  2. Electrical transformer manufacturing industry
  3. Mold and Ship Industry in Block and Material Turning
  4. It is used for turning heavy and mass materials.

Product Images


  1. Fast, practical and easy to use.
  2. It is a machine focused on increasing the business volume.


  1. It can be produced automatically / manually.
  2. Two double chain drive ensure maximum safety.
  3. It operates with electric motor-driven reducer.
  4. It has slow start and slow stop with electric motor driver during turning process.
  5. The drive life of the gear unit and mechanical parts is long since the drive is controlled.

Technical Features

  1. It works with 380V / 50 Hz – 1.1 Kw.
  2. The maximum capacity is 1000 Kg.
  3. Platform dimensions are 1500 x 1200 mm.