RT Posing 115 x 165

Automated Stack Lift

    Automated stack lift (landing) enables you to stack the materials at the working height to a pallet without loss of time in an orderly fashion and increases your work efficiency at least by 15% thus enabling you to increase your total work load.
    Since the operator to be used will have a stable efficiency, your daily work load will increase.
    When RBA 19 and RT Posing used together, your stack arrangement will be completed in the fastest and most orderly fashion.

Applicable Sectors

  1. Printing press – next to guillotine, in the loading section of the offset printing machine, loading section of the folding machines, loading section of the triple thread knife machine and packaging departments for shipment.
  2. Packaging – Manually-fed box sealing machines, loading sections of the manually-fed cellophane machines, sorting sections (lifting and landing)

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  1. Ensures at least 15% increase in work capacity.
  2. Ensures the increase in the processing by enabling the work at a back level thanks to its appropriate height.
  3. Prevents the decrease of operator efficiency and ensures stable efficiency throughout the day.
  4. Ensures that products with completed processes are stacked orderly.


  1. Can be used automatically/manually.
  2. Works with a hydraulic system.
  3. Highest security is ensured via chain drive.
  4. Operator can choose the most comfortable work level with an adjustable height level.
  5. Can be carried at ease thanks to its wheeled structure.
  6. Height adjustment is made with a photoelectric sensor (photocell).

Technical Features

  1. Works with 380V/50 hz 4 A.
  2. Maximum lifting capacity is 2000 Kg.
  3. Maximum lifting height is 1030 mm.
  4. Platform measurements are 115 x 165 mm.