PA-220 Pile Inverter Machine

      It enables you to change with raw materials on the wood pallet that came to be processed in your factory with the plastic or aluminum pallets, and also to change to plastic or aluminum pallets that underwent processing in your factory and ready to be shipped to be changed with the wood pallet.
    Pile Inverter, which ensures 80% decrease in pallet changing process in the factories and increases factory efficiency, is of great significance for the factories that require pallet changing process.

Applicable sectors

  1. Mining
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Food Industry
  5. Construction Industry
  6. Wood Industry
  7. Automotive Industry

Product Images


  1. It increases the work potential by 80%.
  2. It provides minimum work force and maximum efficiency.


  1. Control system is PLC-controlled and fully automated (OPTIONAL)
  2. It works with a hydraulic system.
  3. There is a secure area around the machine (OPTIONAL)
  4. The loading of the materials to our machine can be performed via pallet truck or forklift.

Technical Features

  1. Maximum pallet size is 1300 x 1050 mm.
  2. Its capacity is maximum 2000 kg dır.
  3. Its maximum platform opening range is 2000 mm (Excluding pallet)
  4. Its maximum platform closing range is 1000 mm (Excluding pallet)
  5. Its electric system power is 2.5 Kw.