ER Euro Pile

Automated Package Stack Lift

     Automated package stack lift (landing) enables you to stack the materials at a working height on a pallet in an orderly fashion fast and increases your work efficiency by at least 60% thus allowing you to increase your total work load in a day.
The operator to perform the stacking process can stack in an easy and orderly way with taking 1 step without having to turn around the pallet.
     Since the operator to be used will have a stable efficiency, your daily work load will increase.

Applicable sectors

  1. Printing press – Used in paper pallet preparation, three thread knife product stacking, packaging department, uniform stacking.
  2. Packaging – Used in exit apparatus of the cold cellophane machines, sorting section and packaging sections.
  3. Used in the packaging sections of the pharmaceutical, automotive, chemistry, mining, cosmetics, plastic and metal industries.

Product Images


  1. It ensures at least 60% increase in work capacity.
  2. It ensures the process is decreased by enabling the work at back level thanks to its appropriate height.
  3. It prevents the decrease of operator efficiency and ensures stable efficiency throughout the day.


  1. Can be used automatically/manually.
  2. Works with hydraulic system.
  3. Ensures the highest security via chain drive.
  4. Operator can choose the most comfortable working level with the adjustable height level.
  5. Fixed to the ground with rubber feet.
  6. Height adjustment can be made via photoelectric sensor (photocell).

Technical Features

  1. Works with 380V/50 hz 3A.
  2. Maximum lifting capacity is 1300 Kg.
  3. Maximum lifting height is 900 mm.
  4. Platform Measurements are 1330 x 1032 mm.
  5. Pallet measurements are 1200 x 1000 cm or smaller pallets.