Long-term Experience

We continue our customer satisfaction oriented work through our experience in the sector.


Why do we exist?

We are happy to help you via our ergonomically designed products to take you reach maximum effectiveness in your production process in factories.


Our sense of quality

We apply the same quality and effort in the products we produce that you apply in your production.

We manufacture machines that will accelerate the production for the Industry Sector

Why US ?


As Tolgahan Makina we remedy the deficiencies in the machines of the industry sector and provide you with the machines that can address to your demands.

All product designs belong to us and the manufacturing of the products is 100% ours.

We test the durability and compatibility of our products before presenting them to you.

Design and analysis ?

   The design of the products is performed via computer-supported machinery design programs and analysis is made before the production process.




We are here to understand your needs and meet your demands with new solutions.

We work in a planned and organized matter to meet your demand in the shortest time following the planning and design of the product suitable to your need.


In all our products, quality, ergonomics and ease of use with durability are key characteristics.

The tests and controls of the products are performed by our experienced staff and delivered to you with the TURN IT ON AND READY TO USE mentality.


Our Production

Product Groups


They are products used to stack products such as paper, packaging during or after raw material feeding and semi-finished product feeding orderly that increase the work efficiency by at least 15%.

  • RBA 19
  • RT Posing
  • ER-1200

ER EURO Pile; it was specially designed for Euro pile users. It is produced to be used in sorting, packaging and product shipment departments.

  • ER Euro Pile

It is designed for you to be used for turning or inverting the piles in your factory so as to enable you to maximize your efficiency.

  • Turner 90 Pile Turner
  • PA-2000 Pile Turner
  • PA-220 Pile İnverter